PreHealth Club

Welcome to the NCSU Pre-Health Club

What is the Pre-Health Club?

The NCSU Pre-Health Club (or PHC) is a student-led organization on NC State's campus that was founded with the purpose of providing its members with the skills and opportunities to enhance their academic, networking and clinical skills in pursuit of a health-related profession.

The Pre-Health Club consists of students interested in Health Care Careers and includes:
(a) 6 special interest groups: Medical/Podiatry, Dental, Optometry, Pharmacy, PA/Nursing,  PT/OT,
(b) The NCSU HOSA Chapter
(c) and two honor societies AED (pre-health/pre-medical) and DDS (pre-dental) Honor Societies.

Students are asked to accumulate 8 points each semester to be considered "active" club members - these points come from attending meetings, participating in service projects sponsered by Health PAC and in conjunction with individual interest groups and from attending events supported by Health PAC and the club and announced on the listserv as "point events"

If you are interested in a pre-health profession and you love helping others through service and leadership then these clubs are for you!

To Join  - complete the following TWO steps

  1. Complete the registration form found at - PRE-HEALTH CLUB REGISTRATION FORM
  2. AND submit your $15 dues to the Health PAC office in 2720 Bostian Hall (or to a group president at any meeting) - note payments may be left in the Metal Lockbox on the Health PAC office door (outside the main office) -

    NOTE:  CHECKS -  should be made out to the NCSU Pre-Health Club and must have your name, student ID#, "dues" and interest group joining on memo line  CASH -  MUST be in an envelope (can be one fashioned from sheet of paper) and close/sealed with the same info above on the front of the sheet/envelope (do NOT turn in loose cash please!!!  - there is no way to determine who it is from or for what)

When are the meetings?

  • Meetings announcements are also posted on the listserv and listed under the "meetings" tab.
  • Specialty Group meetings (Dental, Optometry, PA/Nursing, PT/OT, Pharmacy,)
    are typically held at 7:00 pm on designated dates listed on the meetings form under the tab above

  • HOSA meetings are also held on the first Monday of each month
PowerPoints and Minutes from Large Group Meetings
Fall 2014: 
September 8: Minutes
October 13: PowerPoint | Minutes
November 10: PowerPoint
Spring 2015
February 9: Minutes
April 13: Minutes 
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